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Bridgeworks focuses primarily on the production and management of publications in Tokyo. We create books and magazines for making the bestseller list. And we assist to create any publications for building good relationships between your company and customers including the research and development strategy, marketing and branding.
What we do ...
Started in 2005, with the vision to create a "bridge" between publishing companies and creators, Bridgeworks has developed an extensive set of personal and commercial links, knowledge, and skills in the publishing business. The name Bridgeworks signifies the process of building durable and productive business relationships between companies and creators, customers, and subscribers by means of our publishing projects (not the structure built over a river !). Through our original and creative work we aim to become the chosen production partner for all new issues published in Japan. Bridgeworks' flagship projects feature million-plus sold copies bestseller books in Japan, including books like "How to Use the Best of your Brain for Learning" (Nou Wo Ikasu Benkyohou), and Japanese/English bilingual magazines like "Worksight", published by Kokuyo.
Company Name
Bridgeworks, LLC
May 15, 2006
Main Activities
Planning, production and edition of magazines, books, websites, etc.
Consulting for publishing and branding.

Shima BLDG.401, 2-14-37 Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan
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Founder, President & COO
Daisuke Ando
Founder & CEO
Atsushi Watanabe